So... am I able to use bicycle handlebars on my moped? My husband doesn't think so but I found a website for motorized bicycle parts and looks like would fit. Im wanting cruiser bars on my moped.

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As long as they're 7/8" bars... otherwise you'll need to modify clamps and what not.

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why don*t you just ride it right now

modify it later

since you are a newbie

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The most common bicycle handlebars have a 1" center of the bar for the stem, although there are a handful of sizes that have been used on bicycles. On most mopeds with clamps/risers you need a bar with a 22.2mm or 7/8" center. There are a few mopeds that use a bicycle stem and bar however. Bicycle handlebars may also not be exactly 7/8 on the ends so you might have problems getting the levers/throttle on the bars. Simply measure your existing bar and match the new bars with that. https://www.treatland.tv/SearchResults.asp?Search=7%2F8+handlebar

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Brent Bublitz /

Always had trouble with bike bars because of that 1" bump out. There are plenty of cheap 7/8ths bars around.

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yea alot of the cruiser bars actually have the 7/8 bmx style clamps without the 1" bump. bmx bars too.

also alotta moped clamps are wide enough for accomodating many bike bars anyway cuz they'll clamp outside the bike clamp increased diameter.

i've done it a few times.

Also i've got some thick gauge 7/8 layback cruiser bars if you want em i'd send em to ya cheap

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Id be interested in the bars if you have some pics I could see. Thank you!

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One of the first things I do to both the Grande and the Bravo Is put on low rise wider grip handlebars. With the stock high rise bars the grips are too close together and I feel awkward when I'm trying to start the bike.

I feel like back in the second grade when I had to pretend I was a bunny on stage.

But I'll beat most of your asses today if you mention it.

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