puch carbzzz

A stupid question,what jet is in a stock puch carb and does an aftermarket come with an #84 jet? question #2...is a foam air breather better than a mesh? thank you :)* Moved to this forum by maize

Re: puch carbzzz

Probably Fred /

It Is a stupid question because there many stock bing carbs and jets

And even more aftermarket carbs and jets .

Also stupid well lazy because you didn't search first .

Wiki for bing.http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Bing

I did for you ^

Next time you search wiki

It's easy

Re: puch carbzzz

Ken Roff..A true Saint of this page ? ^

Re: puch carbzzz

does anyone know what size the clone unmarked jets are?

in my experience it seems like they come with about 75.

Re: puch carbzzz

Troll Arsenault /

Maddog2020 ~ "0fmc" Wrote:


> Ken Roff..A true Saint of this page ? ^

You spelled asshole incorrectly.

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