Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

Reeperette /

Coupla things, and stuff for those who were and were not present at the BBQ.

#File under "interesting"

Stock Tomos Piston= 38mm, with available oversize to 38.50mm.

Well, upon examination, the Garelli apparently uses a 40mm piston, and the it LOOKS like it would fit, the wrist pin hole looked to be about 10-12mm, so I would think it's doable to bore a Tomos out to 40mm and use one, which could be neat.

Upon close examination of various rear sprockets, it seemed to me as long as the sprocket itself was just a flat piece of metal, it'd be fairly easy to machine one to whatever size you'd want, as long as you have a good idea of how the teeth/diameter issue works.

In addition, it really does look like the Tomos 22/23 rear sprocket WILL fit many of the 'peds that use a flat-type rear sprocket, if the bolt holes match up, and they look like they will...and it seems a pretty "far-out" mod for some of them, one of them had a 44-tooth rear sprocket, so you'd be reducing the rear by about 50%, which is pretty extreme.

I don't have a real solid idea of the ratio/teeth issue on many of these 'peds, so I dunno if it would make it near-impossible to accellerate or anything like that, but I figure sooner or later, someones gonna try it - just make sure ya post the results, ok ?

For you Batavus owners - as far as I know, most of you poor guys are stuck with the 20-25mph carbs, and it seems pretty hard to get S-22 30Mph carbs, well...rejoice, I seem to have solved your problem.

Model numbers aside, all the old Tomos Bullets that used the Encarwi carb used the same damn one that Batavus does, and they were ALL 30mph versions, and not nearly as hard to get your hands on, so instead of waiting and wishing for an S-22?, just grab yourself an old Bullet carb and slap that on.

Two notes on that are that you also might wish to replace the exhaust, and the airfilter (metal screen type) that comes with the Encarwi, they seem quite nastily restrictive...the DelLoro airfilter (metal screen type) isn't nearly as much so, but I am not very sure they cross over that well.

#Special note.

This for the guy who graciously let me take a spin on his Tomos Golden Bullet TTLX,

I was considering something for a while, and it seems to me, that the 'ped "hits it's stride" way too early, and how it's rigged hits the greatest power output right AT the damn shift-point, making it WAY more difficult to shift than normal, and really wasting tons of power right around that point, cause yer already at the top of 1st and it just can't be applied, and the way the centrifugal clutch works, it would logically make shifting harder than it had to be.

I thought on this a bit, and I'd say you really need to widen that out, kinda spread the power out a bit so it's not crammed all at the end of 1st I would say get the 27tooth sprocket and put it on there, cause while that might cut into your accelleration some, it would help evenly distribute it so that you could actually USE more of it, giving better performance over a longer should also save you some clutch wear, I would think.

So go with the 27-sprocket if you can, and whatever other mods that might distribute all that power more evenly across your gear range, cause you got plenty of it, but the way it's set up now, it wastes a damn lot of it at the top of 1st.

#The dollhouse.

Made mention to a coupla folks that I also build dollhouses/models and miniatures, and it occurs to me that many, if not most, moped people seem to have other interests or hobbies in small-detail work of that'd be interesting to find out how universal that is amongst moped owners.

And, cause it cannot really be described (tho I tried) I'll see if I can cull out and attach a couple of the better dollhouse pics here...they were taken with a fixed-lens polaroid by me and scanned, so if they're a bit blurry that's why...I ain't no photographer of any note by a longshot.

#The ride from in to/from BBQ.

You guys gotta try that, it's awesome!

As I said several times, there's folks who pay big $$$ for scenic tours like that, and this is right in our own backyard, so to speak, and can be seen on a couple bucks worth of gas, so it's well worth the doing...although in the future (rubbin sore arse) I think I shall make sure to try this venture on a 'ped with better shocks, heh.

No offense at all against those Mbecane-7's tho, Ron, those are SWEET 'peds, a true classic and tough as nails..I was pretty impressed by 'em, all in all.

I get that Targa up and runnin, I will definately try this run on that as well if I can manage to do so.

Happy moppedin one and all,


Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

Reeperette /

The beginning.



Reeperette /

In progress, exterior.

And yes, that's me workin on it.


Reeperette /

In progress, exterior.

And yes, that's me workin on it.

(helps to actually hook up the pic, huh ?)



Reeperette /

In progress, interior.



Reeperette /

The finished product, front.



Reeperette /

Top/angle shot.



Reeperette /

This is the inside of one of the "rooms"

The "wallpaper" is actually leftover giftwrap, and the portrait is a scaled-down and printed out shot of elvis, which was pasted to a cleaned-up punchout of one of the window frames and then laquered.

Kinda the needful "Velvet painting of Elvis", no dollhouse would be complete without...hehhehe.



Pictures (last)

Reeperette /

This is another "room".

The munchkin wanted (of all things) "panelling" in that one, so I cut down some wooden shim material into strips and hand-finished em, then mounted em one at a time to get that real panelling effect, and cut some trim for a baseboard.

The portrait here is done the same way as the other, and it's a copy of The Last Supper.

The "Carpet" is some kind of leftover upholstery material found at a Joanns fabrics, which, whatever else it was originally intended for - makes awesome dollhouse carpet.

Oh, yah - and the exterior paint, is actual real latex acrylic house paint, which is obviously why it looks so nice.

(took doing to thin it out to where it looked right in such a smaller scale, too!)

Workin on another, slightly smaller dollhouse now, having realised just how fun it is.


Re: Pictures.

Where in the hell is the tiny moped, with the tiny oil stain, on the tiny living room carpet?? :{)

Re: Hobbies

Ree--- that is one cool hobby--- Nice end result.

I go to school, kind of as a hobby....I work on the mopeds, obviously, collect and sort music-- almost 40,000 songs...!

Video games.... a hobby that has no tangible results--- I just got "state of emergency" where you blow up rioting crowds inside a mall..... heheheh sick fun.

I also like to fix electronic stuff-- take something that needs batteries and convert it to a DC power input.... fix switches, etc. nothing involving circuit boards though. Basic troubleshooting, but I'm not afraid to tear it down and put it back together.

always modifying the moped stereo, improving and going for more and more amp power....

another hobby I have is locating news that you don't get in the "oil soaked monopoly press" and reading all the news from foreign papers, and 'unbiased' (yeah right) information.



those are two places I find a lot of 'borderline' gossip and news. Also the russian news site,

has some solid information, particularly about the middle east.

News, computers, mopeds, music, electronic repair, and stereo mods.... I used to build speakers, still have a few that I built 10 years ago, and they still kick butt. I like to go on long walks too--- walk, watch people and things, and think about stuff-- kind of like a moped ride, but even slower.

Hobbies are awesome....

Re: Pictures.

Jimmy, It's obvious that Re is more refined than you are and doesn't work on his mopeds in the living room. He uses the den. Looks like an interesting hobby Re. You do nice work. bruce

Re: Pictures

InfectedBootSector /

Looks similar to one I am currently working on for my GF. Her dad always pronmised her one when she was little, but never got around to it, so I bought a kit and am building it for her.

The shingles are a nightmare if you don't line em up correctly. I just put a line down, just as you would if you were roofing a real house.

How about automobile/marine/aircraft models? Working on a Beetle and a Mig 25P Foxbat here.

I also fiddle in the aquaria hobby, especially goldwater exotic goldfish, astronomy, ham radio, and camping.

COmputers to, but I'm getting a little burnt on that one.

Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

i have a penis

Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

Hey ree i was thinking about what you were saying about the 27 tooth sprocket.I checked around and heres what i came up with.Mopeds online has both front and rear sprocket this is what they said about each of them.-(Speed front sprocket 27 tooth-like dropping rear sprocket 4 teeth)

( Pulling front sprocket 25 tooth like adding 4 teeth to rear sprocket) What do you think? Should i just get both of them?To me it sounds like the pulling front sprocket would get me up hills easyer you tell me?


Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

Welllll, umm....Is your penis your hobby? I'm assuming so since that was the topic of discussion (feel free to NOT post pictures though). But if you were just telling us as a matter of fact then hey, I'm happy for ya'!

Btw, My friend Nancy has a penis too. Or so she says, I've never actually seen it.

Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

chuck russo va /

the 25 tooth sproket is a power sproket for getting up hills and faster take off, 25 tooth is good for driving around in the city

i dont have that many hobbies, i just like riding/working on anymoped, riding dirtbikes, mud bogging on quads, messing with anything that has a gas powered motor and camping and fishing

my s/n is bass phishin16 so i guess most people can tell i like to bass fish

Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

david f martin /

Hands... I find it interesting that the same hands that are covered in grease one moment, swinging a chain the next moment, and doing such intricate artwork the moment after are the same...

Mine are mostly busy fixing cars, fairly often making music, occasionally doing locksmith work, usually holding a cigarette...


Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

Infected did you say you were a Ham? KB9VEO here, got a rig hooked up to your 'ped? I am working on an antenna mount so I can get out better on The Yaesu vx-5r I carry.

That Dollhouse looks amazing Ree. I am very impressed.


Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

FortFunFoSho /

Anyone know where I could find a Encarwi Carb?

Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

david f martin /

Dammit. Typed all this stuff in, got disconnected, tried to post and lost it. So, I'll start all over again. This is in response to Ree's post about making custom pulleys. You will need a compass, a good ruler, and a drill press.

You will need a chunk of sheet metal slightly thinner (very slightly) than the space between your chain link halves. Take your center punch and make a dot at least 180mm from the nearest edge.

Measure from the center of one link pin on your chain to the next. Just for example, let's say 15mm.

How many teeth do you want? Let's say 28. 28 x 15mm = 420mm. This is the circumference of your pulley. 420mm / pi (3.1416) = about 134mm, minus a hair. Divide by 2 = 67mm. This is the radius. Set your compass at 67mm.

Make a circle around the first punch mark. Reset your compass at 15mm (link length), and mark all the way around the circumference, hopefully the last mark will line up with the first. If you have to make an adjustment, make it to the circle, not to the marks around it. Punch all of the marks.

Drill the marks with a bit just slightly bigger than the rollers in your chain, to allow for tolerances. Cut the pulley out at the circumference, which will fall halfway thru all those holes you just drilled.

Make whatever other holes you need to mount the pulley, using the compass to center them accurately. Drill the center hole last. File the teeth slightly so that the chain will find them more easily.

I've not done this yet (my bike has a belt, not a chain), but I've made parts for many other machines.


Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

I wish there was more of an interchange and swap guide that could be used for mopeds. Handlebar parts and taillights seem to all be the same, but I've been looking for pistons that are larger than 38mm for the sachs. I though it would be easy, because the sachs dosn't have any vents or holes in it.

As for hobbies- I have done 1/24 and 1/25 scale cars for a long time. I'm really into the 50's "kustoms" and can chop, channel and section anything. My latest is a 90's infinity that would have 5" tall windows if it were full scale.

I put a lot of that on hold for school. The model and detail experience really helped with the architectural models.

I do a little bit of electronics, and rigged up the thunderbird-style sequential taillights on my Buick. Acutally the buick is kind of a hobby too.... either 200,000 or 300,000 miles on the original block. I've had it for 10 years and flipped over the odometer twice. It's my first and still only car.

I accidently got into motorcycles too, mostly because I've had NO luck finding mopeds.... Now I have a 1980 KZ440B, a 1982 AR-80 and 2 1969 honda sl 350's.

I think that you have to be detail-oriented for a moped, just because there is so little to it.

Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

I enjoy working on most any vehicles.. i specialize in

automatic transmissions and electrical. Pretty involved work.. most people hate it. I enjoy computers alot too.. but although I did build mine and help to update and upgrade hardware for freinds.. I don't really Enjoy it.. Im just pretty good at it.. big diffrence. As far as enjoyment goes. I like to sit on the back dock.. feed the fish.. maybe toss a net in a few tiems and see what I end up with. (caught 3 small brim in one throw last night) Sip on some beer eating pork rinds.. you know.. lazy southern crapola you guys probly never really got involved with. I also enjoy to go boating I have a flat bottom hurrican with a 125 mercury motor on it.. that does pretty damn well.. I like to have people come over and pull me around the lakes on a knee board.. that always fun. I guess I work so damn much. my only real hobbies are moped or boating related. I am a Auto service shop manager and I put in about 50-60 hours a week..

when im home.. I dion't want to think about shit or make any diceisions.. I just want to relax.

I've tried models but end up glueing my fingers to my forhead and spilling the little paints while I try to get myself unstuck. I much rather go on ebay and find a completed modle If I wanted one.

I do collect some things.. old coins.. and funny money.. (like confederate dollars and roman coins) I'm not hugely into it.. but i do try to collect some.. not for monetary value.. I just think the are neat. I probly have over 300 coinds in my collection.. none have been analysed looked up organized or nohting.. just in a box. I help my girlfirneds beanie baby collection.. we have way to many of them damn things.. and really intrested in maybe starting to collect old GI JOES... I used to love them damn toys. the small 3 3/4 inch ones.

I would like to get a huge collection and all for when I hav kids one day...

Re: Post BBQ Interesting Stuff.

I love to cook too.. anything.. I lived in Luisianna for a while and learn to cook authentic cajun food.. and man oh man.. lol.. Also living in texas and california for sometime I picked up on real mexican and other latin dishes... I take a once a year trip to either costa rica or to honduras I love there foods! and have learned a few dishes on my trips.

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