New Sachs g3

Hey I'm new to the moped scene but I just picked up this Sachs g3 at a thrift shop runs alright needs a little tLk but I love it I paid 300 for it was it a good deal? Also can anyone give me a little info on these any input is much appreciated!


Re: New Sachs g3

It's a good deal, but it has the wrong exhaust on it. Looks like a Puch Maxi exhaust.

Re: New Sachs g3

Looks pretty clean. $300 is a fair price to pay. May be worth $500 if you ever decide to sell.

Re: New Sachs g3

Whether it was a good deal or not depends on what tghe market price for peds in your area is, and if you feel like you got a good deal or not. There's another thread on the G3 here:,615257

Seems it's a pretty sought after top tank ped with the 505-1/D engine; I'm a total nub when it comes to Sachs, but I hear that's 'the goodest engine'. Keep in mind, despite it looking like a motorcycle, you're not going to get motorcycle performance from it.. But offhand, I'd say 300 for that is fine, especially if its street rideable in your area (titled if your state requires titles and such.)

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300 is a great deal.


lots of info, search wiki.

you've got the 1A motor which is slightly restricted, also looks like not original muffler and missing carb side floorboard/sidecover. everything else looks pretty unbelievably perfect...

The carbs are notoriously leaky and nearly untunable, but other options are discussed in the wiki link above. performance on the A motors is underwhelming but options for improving that are also given. enjoy. welcome.


Re: New Sachs g3

Francis Cronley /

Hmm weird exaust. Sweet deal though. I got the same bike for 200, but yours is in nicer shape. If you ever want to get rid of those G3 side covers ill take em.

Re: New Sachs g3

Dirty30 Dillon /

Definitely a stamped maxi exhaust someone has boonswoggled on there.

Throw on a big-header stock pipe and enjoy the sweetest 30 mph

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fuuuuuuuuuuuuck those side covers. looks so much more rad without em. they're so unecessary and just clutter up the slick lines.

i got some sachs g3 pipes about I think. but fuckit, that looks fine on ther and probably works well enough

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