My new Vespa Bravo Deluxe

Steve Peterson /

I don't really post a lot, but I just picked up my first Vespa moped and I'm actually kinda stoked on it. My plan was to flip it, but I honestly think I'm gonna keep it and sell something more common that I don't care about anymore.

It's a Bravo Super Deluxe, dual variated, according to the info in the wiki. 400 miles on the speedo. Should just need a carb cleaning to run, but that's according to the 14 year old I bought it from. I'm sure it will have more gremlins than that.

It didn't come with pedal arms, and the one storage cover is cracked so if anyone has them for sale I'm in the market. Also, I need some thumb screws for one of the side covers.

Is it worth considering aftermarket parts for performance, or should I just keep it stock?



Re: My new Vespa Bravo Deluxe


just an exhaust! its so pretty!

Re: My new Vespa Bravo Deluxe

john cervini /

Sweet ped!

Re: My new Vespa Bravo Deluxe

Brandon Compton /

you had me at daul variated!!

Re: My new Vespa Bravo Deluxe

Lowes has knobs with threads and without in hardware for cabinets

Re: My new Vespa Bravo Deluxe

Beautiful bike(for a step-thru,Ha!)JUST kidding! Looks great and it'll do you a lot of nice riding! don-ohio (:^)

Re: My new Vespa Bravo Deluxe

the best, most comfy Vespa.

its a plush ride

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