My odometer measures kilometers

The Tomos speedomoter on my Puch clearly says "MPH" and measures correctly, but apparently it's just a cover-up.

The odometer consistantly spins faster than what everyone else's odometer says. Crisis and Casy's would say we had gone 15 miles, and mine would say 27 or whatever.

Then one of them pointed out that it had been mentioned on the thread before that some odometers, even though they are marked "MPh" register the kilmeters. Well, here it is again.


Re: My odometer measures kilometers

Chris Robertson /


It's pretty well documented that Tomos odometers measure kilometres while the spedometers can measure either km/h or mph. The reason is because it's easy to put a new sticker on the odometer face to indicate the appropriate speed units, but it costs a lot more to redesign the mechanicals of the odometer to count miles instead of kilometres.

Divide your kilometre mileage by 1.6 to get miles. Or just remember that 40 kilometers is about 25 miles.


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