MSD on a QT50

has any attatched a MSD ignition Coil on a QT50 before, if so how well does it work, or does it work at all?

Don't bother.

Waste of money.

Don't bother ... there are other things far more important than a gimmick ignition system on a ped like a QT.

Just do all the standard 2 stroke hop-up stuff as I said on that other guys QT50 thread.

Re: Don't bother.

well can you tell me where to get a performance exhaust for my QT50, I have already drilled out my airbox for more air, and my engine runs rich, before the mod. I am willing to do a little porting but only if it imprves the top speed.

Re: Don't bother.

David F Martin /

I don't think you're gonna find any easy bolt-on mods for your QT.


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