1978 Sprinter

I got a lead on this guy. A 1978 Sprinter. There is not a lot of information about this moped on the wiki. Taiwan made bike. I think these are kind of rare and probably hard to find parts for. What are your thoughts and opinions on these. I can get it for $50.


Re: 1978 Sprinter

Brent Bublitz /


Search on that page for "Sprinter"

Sprinter was imported and distributed by Sprinter Mopeds, 1 Syme Ave, West Orange, New Jersey 07052 USA. In the western US they were distributed by Southern California Sprinter, 2798 Waxwing Cir, Costa mesa California 92626. Sprinter made at least two different models, a “Tas Sprinter” and a “Casal Sprinter” The Tas Sprinter shown below had a Tas (Tanaka Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan) BE-48 engine. The Casal Sprinter was a re-branded Gemini Commander with a Casal (Portugal) M140 engine. See Gemini above.

Rare motors, hard to find parts for. If it runs, it's worth the $50. If not, pass. (edited)

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