We be flying now !

I got the reed valve and manifold for the PA50II and installed it on my PA50I...


My 0 to 25 time dropped another 3 or 4 seconds.

I'm at 12 seconds now.

The biggest improvement seems to be low end.... top end is up too... I was doing 37 on flat ground (up from 35)... but I am afraid to hold it wide open because the jetting may not be right... plug looked OK... but I am going to wait till I'm sure befor I flog it.

The clever Honda engineers made it so you can't just drop the reed onto the 'wrong' motor... you have to drill a small 'pocket' about twice its normal diameter so a little 'locater' will drop in.

Otherwise it was easy.

Then I goofed up... In my attempt to gear it up some more... I cut the variator notches too deep... my roller weights came flying right out .... DOH !

(be careful.. ask some questions before you do yours!)

If I can gear the bike up a little more... my long slow modifying spree will be over... If I can cruise at 30 to 35 comfortably... thats all I want... Thats about all the brakes and chassis can handle.

I'll be done.

Still not as fast as some others.. but thats OK... I don't want a racer... just a useful cruiser.

It kills GoPeds... dead... now though... ; )


Thanks Chris R... (for the reed valve)

Re: We be flying now !

Chris Robertson /

Hiya Fred:

Good to hear the reed valve did the job!


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