whats the difference between a pa50 and a pa50-2?

i need to know what the difference is between the two......will the same parts work on em?.........like hi-po parts ........exhaust , big bore cylinder/pistion kit....carb..........thanks

difference between a PA50I and PA50II

yep... the parts will swap back and forth.

The PA50II was also sold in Europe as the Camino... so those parts are the same... 50ccNL has stuff for them.

The diff between PA50I and II.. ?

The cylinder... reed valve... manifold... are the big diff's

The gearing is also different someway.

one WARNING !!!!

Do not cut the variator notches too deep !... I did and my roller weights flew right out !

those notches

The notches should end right at the ramp, right. atleast i think that's how i did mine.

Re: those notches

Actually.. I got fancy and very carefully carved the ramps on their original radius all the way up and out to the OD.. and the weight STILL flew out.

So... maybe my PA50I pulley is different somehow from others.

Anyway... next step is to make a small 'spool' spacer to limit the pulleys from getting too close to each other... that way I should be able to limit the size of the opening that the weights flew out of.

AND... gain taller gearing at the same time... from the feel of it before the weights flew out... I will gain another 5mph.

Its actually over-reving now IMO.

(it definitley has the HP to pull 45 or 50 mph now)... just got to convince the parts to let it get there.

Though... the brakes at 35 are not all that great.

The other thing is I never really had to worry about speeding before ... now I have to watch it on 25mph roads.

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