Lost key to 1970 Motobecan

This moped was said to be running last year however when I bought it it does not have spark......I have since noticed that it was a small key slot but the previous owner has no idea where the key is.

Is this possibly why there is no spark? Also where can I get a new key.


Re: Lost key to 1970 Motobecan

sounds like you have a motobecant now

Re: Lost key to 1970 Motobecan

Somebody recently posted about a no start condition with, as I recall, a Vespa that required a switch at the headlight to energize. It will most likely require you to hot wire around the switch, if that's what it actually is. Post a pic.

Re: Lost key to 1970 Motobecan

Jeremy Homser /

That key is just for the fork lock .there is no keyed ignition on mobys check your points and condenser. Also all of the connectors and wiring for damage. There are wiring diagrams in the wiki

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