Early Morning Ride

Best day this year that I've had, so far.

1958, and 1960 Puchs.

Notice the Wheaties and Honeycomb license plates?


Re: Early Morning Ride

Came expecting naked deezy

left with some images instilled in my mind


Super clean peds

Re: Early Morning Ride

Probably Fred /

Re: Early Morning Ride

simon thokaar /

had a day like that myself today.. found an old abandoned golf course out in the middle of nowhere to explore. had to cut it short when my buddys exhaust broke bunnyhopping a branch tho.

Re: Early Morning Ride

Some of my best rides ended before my family woke up. I don't understand sleeping late. I have done overnight rides also, I left with friends after my family was sleeping and got home before they woke up. Watching the sun come up on the beach is great.

My son rides with me now, my wife quit.

Re: Early Morning Ride

Princess Rapunzel /

I'm about to ride home, and it's 10:00 PM. Hopefully I don't die or get pulled over.

Re: Early Morning Ride

Pete Puczasaurus /


and another great ride that afternoon...

Awesome day!

1st Day of Summer 2014.JPG

Re: Early Morning Ride

Wow! Great looking classic,vintage mopeds! Great scenery! Glad you had a good ride! don-ohio (:^)

Re: Early Morning Ride

Awesome looking bikes....I remember those cereal box plates! :)

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