just curious..............

hi all, i was wondering what people thought was a better moped model? the step thru, or top tank mopeds.(all brand names, doesn't really matter.) as far as reliability,stronger frame,looks,etc. just want everyones opinion is all...........

Ahhhh, the great debate...

Awwww, Man........NOW you've done it!

Ok, readyyyyyyy........STEP-THROUGH!

(Turning of computer and covering ears)

Re: Ahhhh, the great debate...

Kevin Harrell /

I own a top tank, Tomos Bullet, and agree that the step through peds are better. The top tanks just look too much like motorcycle wan-ta- bees. But I got too good a price on my top tank, so I'll have to live with it. All of that shame and scorn.

Re: Ahhhh, the great debate...

got to get yerself a suzuki ap50,honda ss50, yamaha fsie,gilera 50 sports or a garreli record or tiger cross must be pre 1979 as they are all unrestricted and do anything between 40 and 70 mph

Re: Ahhhh, the great debate...

lol, nice steve. we'll probably get alot of that here. keep them coming...............................

Great debate (TT's vs. Stepthrough)

The step through models are for local city use, more on and off. generally speaking the tank size is much smaller.

The top tanks hold much more fuel, and if Don-Ohio were here He's agree. he's very partial to some of those top tanks.

The Targas can look like "wanna-be's" but there are LOTS of other TT models that don't look like "Phony motorcycles"

I think you'd get away chaining a step-through to a bike rack a lot longer than you would a TT.

My step through looks more like a bike, so I think it gets overlooked when chained to the rack at school.

If you want to do any "stunts" I think the TT's would be better for wheelies and smoke shows... just the way they're designed.

Yea, I wish Don was here---- he'd have plenty to say.

My step through has a TINY gas tank. I'm jealous of those top tanks that take almost 2.00$ to fill--- mine takes about 65 cents--- that's not far with my fat ass and my stereo. I'd really like a one and 3/4 gallon tank..... with a smaller gas can on the back, you could see a 400 mile trip without a stop for gas (at a gas station) that, no doubt, is a plus to the TT's.

If I can remember the general ideas of Don-Ohio's posts, I think he felt that both machines were good, that there were 'certain' TT's that were really great long distance bikes....Now and then he'd rave about one particularly beautiful TT or another.

This is not 'official' info. It's based on don's posts, my own experience, and past forum posts. I have owned only step throughs-- I'd like a nice TT someday.

If you're a 'purist' you probably don't like the TT's because they 'blur' the line between moped and motorcycle, 50cc or not.

How far is a TT from a cheng shin knight <sp?> the lines between 50cc machines are becoming less clear--- I'm going to start a new thread that will show how complex this is, and I'll need some responses

I think the question of "what is a moped" factors into the "Which is better" question--- people are saying they don't like TT's because they're "not enough like mopeds...." what is a moped?

That's a crazy dynamic---! I'm working on the "scooter vs. moped" article, and I'm totally interested to hear someone say "I don't like that moped because it's trying to be a motorcycle...."

Nice thread-- good reading.

On a seperate note:

Look for the upcoming "Scooter vs. Moped" thread--- it's going to be a conversation about all kinds of 50cc machines, moped philosophy, and what a moped is or isn't.

I'm going to use state rules, compared to the dictionary (mo)+(ped), compared to the encyclopedia. I'll address "no-peds" and 50cc scooters etc.

This will amount to a pile of conflicting information. I'll break it into parts, and analyze the complexities of "do we believe we own what the state tells us we own?"-- I'll try not to skirt any argument or "what if". There will be a lot of tough questions, and I plan to communicate with Simon, so when I mention the "Moped Army definition of a Moped", I know I'm correct.

Then, when this document is organized proof-read and completed, I'll open up a final "Closing Comments" section where anyone interested can agree, raise more questions, or give a concise definition of their own definiton of "What is a moped" or their philosophy on the subject.

with the rising amount of forum posts, I hope an article like this will be a good resource for everybody, as well as a place to send every newbie who asks "Why isn't my scooter a moped?"

This project is still in the starting stages, so ideas are totally welcome.

Sorry to digress from the topic of TT's vs. Stepthroughs, but I think the answer is partly related to the idea of "What is a moped"

Thanks--- looking forward to replies-- !


Re: Great debate (TT's vs. Stepthrough)

sounds great wayne. you are right about it having a connection on "what is a moped". i can't wait to see what your planning. hopefully all questions will be answered. do you agree that whether a tt, or a step thru, it's still a moped? i'd like to hear more about this from the others. it should be great. paul.

Re: Great debate (TT's vs. Stepthrough)

Kevin Harrell /

Good thoughts on the matter. I am looking forward to your article. Are you going to address the quest for more speed (above 45mph)in your article?

After reading your post I can now ride my top tank bike without the thought of it being a motorcycle wanta-be. Never thought too much about the great gain in range that a top tank would give. Seems like a great plus for a distance rider, or for someone who rides a lot and does not want to stop too often for gass.

Re: Great debate (TT's vs. Stepthrough)

i like step throughs, but that's more just for aesthetic values. i've heard top tanks are more stable rides (though i'm not entirely sure on that). i personally like the flexibility of how you can ride a step through.

Gotta chime in.

Reeperette /

I like the top tanks, and for only one reason - more fuel, which means more range.

Bein a throttle-gorilla, and willing to ride for insane distances and periods of time, it's nice to be secure in the knowledge that you have all the fuel you need to go the distance.

Especially when yer max-throttle runs tend to eat it and give you horrid mileage (for a moped).

But for the sole reason of fuel capacity, I prefer the TTs.


Re: Gotta chime in.

Jamie Leonard /

Agreed on that - I've ridden (and currently own) both a top tank and a step-through model, and I definitely like the fuel capacity of the top tank. (Plus I find it a bit easier to fill right up to the brim at the gas station, but thats just me probably)

The step-throughs on the other hand tend to get less hassle, people don't see them as a "mini motorbike" and don't bother you if you chain it up to a bike rack as much, or park it off in a corner behind something. (They're much more likely to bug a motorcycle rider that way)

Aside from that, it comes down to preference... both are clearly mopeds by any reasonable definition and both have their advantages/disadvantages. (Depending on design) I like the top tank's general "feel". But aside from the gas capacity issue - its all a matter of what you prefer.

Re: Gotta chime in.

"its all a matter of what you prefer" Jamie said, you got that right.

This outta piss off a few, when I bought my peds, they were advertised as "his and hers" mopeds. They are the same year and color, one is a TT and the other a ST that had wire basket saddle bags.

I ride the TT and my wife rides the ST, but I'll ride whatever the first one I come to in the garage, don't matter to me.

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