Scouts (Simon??)

What are the "scouts" listed on the home page? I understand honorary members, but.... are people out "recruiting"??

Or are these people who have moved away from k-mzoo and are trying to begin new branches?

Just curious-- Thanks

Re: Scouts (Simon??)

As noted on the "view members" page:

What do the different member classifications mean?


Actively involved in their branch. Riding, recruiting, swarming and destroying.


Have left the home city of their branch, and are currently working to create a new branch in their new location.


Recognized as a individual who has helped the growth of the Moped Army in a significant way, without being a member of any branch.

Re: Scouts

Doh! Yeah, the information was right there-- I missed it, being so anxious to look at the winning machines---!

I didn't notice the 'scouts' information till you pointed it out.

Thanks--- !

Re: Scouts

I notice some of the scouts are still listed as being in K-mazoo....

Gerah for example-- I don't think she'd have any trouble finding people to ride with or starting a new branch!

Just in case she's moved to Portland, Maine--

Thanks for the info-- Get those scouts to post their new locations---!

Naomi still listed in K-mazoo.....

Josh Dahl-- Still K-mazoo

I guess that's why I couldn't figure out what a 'scout' was--- I was wondering why you'd have 'scouts' for the home branch---!

Just an FYI--- you probably knew their locations needed updating, anyhow.



Re: Scouts

You guessed it - their info just needs to be updated. The way the accounts are set up they can update it themselves...but some of them seem to have forgotten.

I'll try to remind them.


Re: Scouts

I think a member is also bumped down to scout if they no longer have a moped or intentions of getting one. Hence still in k-zoo, but not of member status.


Re: Scouts

Actually no, that would be "retired", which is only viewable if you're logged in as a member - and doesn't add to the member count on the "view members" page. The account remains, and they have access to members only sections - but they're no longer official members.

Scout should only be for those who have moved but still have mopeds. The only exception is Josh Dahl, who is scout status because of his previous "honorary for life" status. Now that honorary is re-defined to be only for those who were never members, we obtains a scout status. It kind of makes sense because he's moving to England sometime soon and might obtain a moped there. There are always weird grand-fathered situations when you update classifications.


Re: Scouts

Dan Webber Kastner /

damn hdfl.

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