tomos a3...what gives?

are these any good?...have a chance to get one...non-runner, probably around 1980 year...

any insight from the fine folks here?

p.s. i have a puch and a pug but curious what can be done with a tomos...


Re: tomos a3...what gives?

Sure, they're readily available, and thus usually pretty reasonably priced. The A3 motors aren't complicated. There is a 10mm kit that will bolt on, or you can have a 12mm rod installed and then you can run any 12mm tomos or puch kit. A newer tomos a35 or a55 motor will bolt right on also.

Re: tomos a3...what gives?


what about stock performance? i don't know that i'll kit it just yet...

what breaks on these bikes?

stock mods that might be free?

hardwiring might have to be a possibility so any diagrams of how that's done?

thx again

Re: tomos a3...what gives?

all yer questions could be answered by the wiki.

Stock A3 performance blows, but the A3 piston fits in the A35 stock cylinder n then all ya do is cut yer own window in the piston. my A3 goes 50+ with the 10mm kit mentioned above, but its far from stock.

everything breaks. you just have to keep up with maintenance. stock bikes last forever, kitted bikes explode if you dont know what yer doin.

hard wiring is easy, but checking continuity and cleaning the contact points of the switches is easier.

Re: tomos a3...what gives?

Overpriced Parts /

I had a3 powered silver and golden bullet tomos mopeds that always started ran good and ran forever.

Re: tomos a3...what gives?

The stock performance also depends on what version a3, there was a slower and a faster version.

Re: tomos a3...what gives?

They kickstart backwards!

Re: tomos a3...what gives?

Thx all...still pondering if I wanna tackle needs a lot of help...

I told him to contact me if he drops the price to 100...

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