Founding Moped Army branches.

I was reading posts of people wishing that there were mopeders in their area so the could start a branch, and i figured i would help out. The key to starting a branch in your area is not finding strangers who ride mopeds, and befriending them. It is done by getting your friends excited about mopeds and then finding them bikes. That is how we did it here in <a href="">kalamazoo</a>, and that is how the <a href="">BSH</a> is doing it. i think that is the only way you are going to be succesful in finding riders, and have people that you can and will hang out with. Once you get started, you will be surprised at how quickly you will grow.



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RE: Founding Moped Army branches.

I think thats a bunch of crap....

RE: Founding Moped Army branches.

Abe Lincoln /

Not true John, I recall a time when the moped was just a vehicle of myth. I got my first moped just as i took office serving this country, somthing my fore-fathers had warned me off. None the less i disgarded my many protectors, fancy carriages, and set forth ont he greatest adventure of my life. Now at the time route 66 was as it now only is in movies. Fast cars (and faster women) but my moped stayed true to form. i tell you, it would have taken me months to cross this fine nation by foot, but I boarded my fine peice of italian engineerings and rode to the sunset, 43 days to be exact. It gave a me a chance to really connect with the people who elected me to lead the country to its new age. Needless to say I developed quite a following form the stories I had to tell, and within one year i had 17 members, just in the Washington D.C. area. So in conclusion, I would like to commend with his advise, and I bit all future moped army members to go out, meet the people, and create as much havoc as possible.

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RE: Founding Moped Army branches.

thanks for posting mr lincoln, you are very respected in our forum.


RE: Founding Moped Army branches.

i think dan's right here. now i havent started or attempted to start a branch of moped army, but i know just from very recently aquiring a moped of my own, that it wouldnt be too hard to do so if i really wanted to. there must be at least 5 friends of my own who've started browsing the vehicles for sale classifieds and ebay in an attempt to find a good deal on one. even my friend's little sister (who's my age (senior in high school)) asked me the other day if i wouldnt mind helping her get a moped running if she was able to find one. Im sure you people who wish to start branches have friends who have expressed an interest in your moped. or maybe you have friends like me who laugh at it. try letting them ride it. ive converted 3 of my friends from saying "god that looks so dumb" to "holy @!#$ man i gotta get one of these" after just a ride around the block.

RE: Founding Moped Army branches.

I concur

I brought my first moped from a friend who couldnt get it running anymore. I love working on mechanical stuff and decided it would be fun to tinker with. Its the greatest toy i've ever had heh. We're working on getting a few more people to get mopeds so we can start our own branch.

RE: Founding Moped Army branches.

I agree w/ Dan one hundred percent. It's too hard to look for peopel you don't know who ride mopeds (maybe) in your area. But ... if you have a moped and try to get you friends to pick one up, then things take off. Most people LOVE the moped after they ride it (so I agree w/ Michael on this). There's just something about them. So just ride your moped around everywhere you go, talk it up, and be badddd assss about it ... the branch will follow naturally from this.

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RE: Founding Moped Army branches.

what...ya wanna start sumtin'




we will swarm and destroy you mr wanger.

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