My First Build

This is my first moped that I am building. I am hoping to get the razzing that the "Canadian Cafe Racer Style Moped" post got. Reading that post inspired me to take a few pictures and put up my shit guard. Cause I know I am going to get shit...

It is a 1977 Safari with the pedals gone and foot pegs. The forks are MB5 and the wheels are KX80. The rear wheel has a front 17" rim and custom spokes. The rear sprocket had to be mounted on the inside of a carrier for chain alignment. The brakes are KX80 also with the front caliper carrier flipped over for the MB5 forks. Still making the rear carrier and link rod. The rear shocks are light Emgo motorcycle bumpers selected to raise the rear the same as the front.

Yes it has turn signals, but they are small LED. As a matter of fact all the lights are LED, even the H4, dual beam headlight. The rear turn signals are a combination of tail light, stop light and turn signal, yes 4 wires on each. The light switch on the ugly bars is suzuki, rewired for my harness. Yea, I have to find some better bars.

The engine is mild, a stock jug ported and decked. The intake is bored to 16mm and the exhaust 19mm. Found a 16 Mikuni to fuel it, with a UNI filter. I am building a better engine, but I want to get this going sooner. I am going to use an aluminum honda kick start lever, but bump start for now.

The battery is for constant power to the lights, and 12 volt conversion.

Lots to do yet. Finish mounting the rear brake when the tie rod ends come, finish the wiring, drill and tap the engine case for oil temp sensor, drill the sprocket carrier for the speedometer sensor magnets, make a seat +++



Re: My First Build

Re: My First Build

Here are a few more shots of the Safari. I took a close-up of the wiring harness to show how well the loom looks. The headlight is the cheapest non-china 5-3/4 inch H4 headlight I could find. It may end up black.

Pete (edited)


Re: My First Build

i think it tis pretty dope

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Stephanie Rose /


Re: My First Build

Emil Kniemel /

need a farther back profile photo of the bike please.

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<br />Here are a couple more shots of my Safari. It was not raining so I could get it outside. I included a picture of the first draft of the wiring diagram. The wiring for tach, speedo, fuel gauge, and temperature sensors are not included.

Pete<br />



Re: My First Build

I got the instruments mounted today. They are Koso brand. The speedometer uses magnets like a bicycle speedometer, but up to 6 can be used to improve the resolution. I am putting the magnets in the rear sprocket carrier and mounting the sensor on the swingarm. It can be programmed for the wheel size and number of magnets. The speedo includes trip, odo, and fuel level. The tach has 2 temperature sensors included so I am going to do cyl head and transmission oil. If you don't hook up a circuit, the instrument doesn't display that function. Lots of wiring to do still.

Pete (edited)


Re: My First Build

great job! really sweet

Re: My First Build

Lets see some detail shots of the back wheel, I'm curious how you attached the sprocket.

Re: My First Build

I pulled the rear wheel out so you could see how hard it is to get the chain line correct with the very wide KX80 rear wheel. When I do my next build, I will look at narrower hubs.

I used a stock KX sprocket and cut part of the circle out, so it just has 4 spokes, not a full round mounting area. This allows the sprocket to go on the hub, inside the mounting flange. But before it will fit, the area of the hub where it will slide onto must be cut to the same diameter as the mounting flange. Tricky, very tricky. I rough cut it with a file, then mounted it in the lathe and made the 4 interrupted cuts by by hand power. Move the lathe bit in a little, turn the part by hand and make the cut. Back the bit out, backup the work, move the bit in a little more, and cut again. This area centers the sprocket, the sprocket spoke ID sets here. The cuts are easiest to make if you file a groove on the outside edges of the areas being cut. This allows the bit to start and stop without cutting, a relief area.

The KX sprocket was turned down out by the teeth for a 415 chain width. I used an old sprocket just for trial and it is steel. The bolts that go thru the sprocket and carrier have the heads machined thinner but still hit the spokes a little. When I get an aluminum sprocket I will countersink the bolt holes for flat head bolts.

I took a pic of the brake side so you can see the mount. Notice the axle bushing inside the brake mounting plate. That allows the plate to pivot when the suspension moves up and down.

Remember the swingarm must be widened for the wheel. I am going to lengthen the swingarm and brace it.

I will give dimensions of the carrier if you wish.

Pete (edited)


Re: My First Build

I finally got a little time to mount the KX85 rear Brake caliper with the MB5 swingarm and KX80 rear hub.


Re: My First Build

I like this a lot. Keep posting as it evolves.

Re: My First Build

The chain adjusters are aluminum with stainless steel studs. In the pictures you can still see the heads of the bolts that are loctited in to tight threads. I have to cut the heads off and install washers and nuts. On the sprocket side the adjuster will hold the speedometer pickup so when the adjuster is moved, the sensor automatically stays in position.

Here is the information on the mounting of the MB5 swingarm on the Safari frame.,3718265,3718265#msg-3718265

Moving the swingarm rearward allows me to use a straight brake rod from the pedal to the master cylinder. In the next couple days I am going to try to get the brake master cylinder mounted and the center stand.

Re: My First Build

Lookin good. If you want cafe bars just flip the current ones upside down and backwards, boom low drag cafe bars

Re: My First Build

Wow Peter, nice build! Your hard work and time spent is an inspiration. Thank you for the detail and time spent in documenting this for us. I greatly appreciate it and look forward to seeing your creation when finished.

Re: My First Build

Here is a closer pic of the chain adjuster, aluminum ans stainless. I hate rust.


Well I have to install the chain and exhaust to make sure I have clearance for the center stand. To install the exhaust I needed a strut to provide support from the exhaust mount tab to the frame.


I used 1/2 aluminum tube and machined some ends to fit the tube and mounts. One end has a slightly slotted hole for alignment if everything is not exact. The ends are pushed in to the tube and riveted with 3/16 aluminum rod. The 3/16 rod is inserted and is ready to peen.


Re: My First Build

Here is the exhaust mounted securely. Now I can try to make the center stand fit.


Re: My First Build

Today I finally got the KX80 front wheel mounted as close to center as possible. I had to cut 1/4" off the inside of the left fork where it meets the hub seal bushing. I also filed a little for clearance, as well as taking the dust cover off on the bushing. It still covers the the seal but not cupped around the hub like the right side.


The left side fork mount is much thicker than the right on MB5 forks. With the fork moved as far left as possible, I ended up making a 15mm axle spacer.


With the wheel mounted I was able to get a measurement for a spacer for between the caliper mount and the fork leg.


If you noticed the front brake caliper is in the left on the KX80 but on the right on the MB5. This means the bleed hole is not on the top of the caliper, so the brakes must be bled by cracking the fitting to let the air out. The same thing happened on the rear brake because I mounted it on top and the KX80 had it on the bottom.

Also check out the stainless bolts I use. Every place I can the hardware is stainless. (edited)

Re: My First Build

The front wheel is within 1/16 of an inch of being exactly centered between the forks.


Now I have to make the center stand work, but chain clearance is minimal. (edited)

Re: My First Build

Well more excuses not to do the center stand, I mounted the rear brake master cylinder today.


I machined some steel standoffs for the master cylinder to mount on and to be welded to the frame. I had to drill the threads out of the master cylinder mounting holes, and I had to use a long nut and M8 stud to extend the brake push rod.


I screwed the master cylinder to the standoffs and clamped the whole thing to the frame. I tack welded the standoffs on to the frame and then disassembled the whole thing to finish the welding.


Everything lined up very well since the swingarm mount is moved back a little.

Re: My First Build

Here the master cylinder is bolted in place on the standoffs. You can see the push rod extension and my "fair" welds. I need to make a return spring for the pedal and mount a brake light switch somewhere. I am considering using a banjo bolt switch but they are not cheap like me.


Here is an overall view of the bike. I think it is starting to look good mechanically. You can get an idea of how my brake stay parallelogram is set up. What looks like the frame mount for the brake stay needs to be cut off and replaced a little. I can install the chain now and get back to the dreaded center stand.


Re: My First Build

Mmmmmm dirt bike parts....

Re: My First Build

fucking HELL YES!

this thing's getting done so right.

Man, if any of my first builds were done this tight.

This is solid. really awesome.

Re: My First Build

Well I managed to stay away from the center stand again. I did some work on the fuel tank today. I thought about petcocks for a long time and realized there was going to be some compromising on this part for now. I want 1/4 inch line for 2 reasons, filter choices, and the carb is 1/4". So I bought a Harley 20mm bung, and a decent quality petcock to match. I silver soldered the bung where I cut off the original tank fitting and enlarged the hole.


Here is s shot of the petcock, yes I hate chrome also but the quality and price are what I was looking for. I can buy a $200 petcock if I want.


I am going to lower the back of the tank to match the seat I have chosen. I will be trimming both the front mount and rear mounts on the tank for weight and appearances. The marker lines show what I am going to trim off.


Re: My First Build

†▲m †▲m /

Did this ever get finished?

Re: My First Build

Dude! That thing is sick! Love love love it!

†▲m †▲m Wrote:


> Did this ever get finished?

Its only been five days hombre...

Re: My First Build

†▲m †▲m /


Re: My First Build

i've built whole bikes in 4


when i was broken and couldnt do anything else

also it was pretttty shitty

Re: My First Build

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I really only looked at the date on the top post :/

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