any one know what this is?

anyone know what kind of ped this is trying to decide if its worth going to get heres the craigslist ad and thnx guys

Re: any one know what this is?

Andrew Squiggman /

jawa. I think they are cool.price is right. no performance mods. some probs with ignition, but radio shack can fix that. seat is weird.

Re: any one know what this is?

^what he said. (edited)

Re: any one know what this is?

tavon brooks /

alright thanks alot!

Re: any one know what this is?

jawa x30 $100 buy it

not x30 50 DXL

fallout Survivor /

Babbetta 50 DXL (long seat), 1976.... x30s started in 1981. (207 variant with long seat.).

Also has the earliest form of cdi the infamous Transimo , the red module in the picture.

See myrons mopeds encyclopedia.. also

Needs new stator and ignition module

fallout Survivor /

YOu need to replace the stator ? and the ignition by upgrading the burnt transimo? . See ebay eastern2stroke store. 40 to 50 bucks worth of parts you need .. The original ignition modules are not available.

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