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Those of you who live in states that require mopeds to be registered and licensed, AND own a velosolex do you have to register them? Or are they considered motorized bicycles? I know in some states/municipalities all mopeds are considered thusly.

Re: velosolex

You have to register the later 4600 models for sure.. the older ones.. Meh..

I don't honestly think anyone is going to give you any flack anyway, but It's much easier to say the older ones are simply "Assisted Bicycles" But It's quite hard to call something with license plate holders, horns and turn signals such.


Re: velosolex

i doubt any old solex was issued a title upon initial sale.

solex are mopeds any way you slice it.

Re: velosolex

^I would have to agree, in MN I think one would have to plate and title it, but I have never seen one here, prob because they are too slow to be safe anywhere but in local neighborhoods. I would like one but do not feel safe on the road with it.

Re: velosolex

In New York, mopeds (limited-use motorcycles) must be registered. But mopeds here must also meet all safety standards (brake light, kill switch, reflectors, electric horn, etc) The only Solexes that meet those standards are the 1966-74 California 3800-S, 1975 4600 V2s, 1977-79 4600 V3s, the Hungarian S-3800s, and the Chinese S 4800s, and the only ones on the NYS DMV certified list are 1976 or newer Solexes. All other Solexes would be considered motorized bicycles, which are not legal to register or ride on public roads in New York State. Every State is different, and you must check the regulations for your State to determine if you have a moped or motorized bicycle. In some States, mopeds and motorized bicycles are considered the same thing. In my experience, in most States, Solexes meet the criteria for a moped, which is generally: can be powered by motor or pedals, automatic transmission, less than 50 cc, less than 1.5 - 2 HP.

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