1987 Trac Liberty

I have a 1987 Trac Liberty that has all original parts that I just got rubbing not long ago has less then 2k miles I was wondering how much it is worth and if it's rare

Re: 1987 Trac Liberty

nobody here like trac much because theyre oddball motors. basically the fact that they are a little more rare makes them fairly undesirable. I mean it's not rare enough (or cool enough) to have collectable value, and not common enough to have good parts availability or aftermarket support

still, i kinda like them for their goofiness and they can be a solid bike running and stock. If I were buying I'd pay maybe as much as 200 for a runner, If I were selling I'd be asking 450 or so, but probably take a bit less. You could probably scam some witless fool into giving you maybe as much as 600?Condition obviously matters, and if you're in a title state that's a huge detail affecting value too.

Re: 1987 Trac Liberty

I have a title on it and it's in very good condition

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