Dirty Peugeot muffler.

Hey there,

I just got my hands on my first moped, Its a 1980 Peugeot 103 lvs-u-3.

At first I didn't know what top speed to expect, I was getting about 22 mph, but then I learned my model was llimited to 30mph.

I read suggestions, and removed the muffler. Before offending the ears of many neighbors, I reached 29mph and still had a bit of throttle left.

So now my problem is cleaning the muffler.

The mufler is much smaller then most puch and tomos mufflers I have seen.

I oppened the end cap to get inside the muffler and it has multiple chambers with 2 hollow cylinders that travel the length of the muffler.

What method should I use to clean the muffler?



freyed brake cable in a drill (read about that one in this forum).



RE: Dirty Peugeot muffler.

Just put a firecracker in it and set it off, the carbondeposits will break loose from the muffler. Just make sure you wont damage the muffler.

RE: Dirty Peugeot muffler.

Wow good idea.

RE: Dirty Peugeot muffler.

you could use k1 to clean it out if you want. just put something over the ends of the muffler (take the muffler off the bike) put the k1 in it shake the muffler around let it sit for a while. That should get it clean, but i like the firecracker idea!!

good luck!


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