Lights On the Moped

If you hook up lights on the moped blinker, will the light still blink? or will it just not blink, and be like head lights?


Re: Lights On the Moped




plus, moped blinkers are sometimes like x-mas lights--- remove one and they all stop---- they rely on the other blinkers resistance to complete a functioning circuit.

We've been talking a lot about how moped electrical works, how to get 12 v signal from a moped...

What kind of moped 6v or 12v?

If you really want extra lights, I would add a seperate battery to power them. You'd have to charge it seperately, unless you have a 12v ped with a battery--- even then, I'd say not to link the two systems at all.

if you keep the bike indoors, that should be easy, to recharge the additional battery every few days.

Mopeds are simple machines, and the electrical isn't like a bigger bike or a car, with lots of power to spare--- you need to be very careful when adding things that increase the draw or resistance.

Adding lights is easy, my opinion is that the moped shouldn't be powering them....

Although, if I could get my hands on a 2002 revival, I think that you could replace the normal battery with a high quality one, and run things from that..... maybe-- if it's got 'electrical start' it needs to have a solid recharger and be able to put out some decent cranking amps.

Good luck!

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