Mag Wheel Swap Question

I recently purchased a set of mag wheels originally used on a KTM Foxi Baron. I'm hoping to make them work on my Puch Maxi, but the KTM's use a different style brake plate (90mm instead of the leleu's 80mm). It may be possible that the brake plate from the snowflake wheel will work, but I don't have one to mock up so I have no idea.

Has anyone attempted this or does anyone have any info on this to steer me in the right direction?

Re: Mag Wheel Swap Question

ooh, you want the proper brake plate for the wheel.

That said, with a proper brake plate in there you shouldnt have much trouble adapting the wheels to a maxi. maybe some spacing adjustments with washers

Re: Mag Wheel Swap Question

Damn nice wheels!

Re: Mag Wheel Swap Question

Alex Schmig /

Maybe I need to be a little more specific, I don't have a brake plate that fit the wheels. Which if any style will work with the the puch frame and KTM wheels? Will I need to modify KTM plates, or is there something for a puch that uses the same hub style as the KTM? Or will the KTM plate work just fine with no modification?

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