Inexpensive tires for Yamaha Towny

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Hi. I am currently restoring a Towny with very out-of-round bicycle tires. Does anyone have any opinion on inexpensive replacement tires and where to buy them at a good price?

The sizes are 2.00-16 4PR and 2.25-14 4PR. I am interested most in finding a great deal on inexpensive new tires.

Also, do tubes generally need to be replaced with tires, and is anything else needed besides tube and tire?



Re: Inexpensive tires for Yamaha Towny

If the tubes hold air, they're fine. They are exposed to elements and wear like a tire.

Treats probably has something for you, but shipping can suck on tires. I've personally had good luck going to a local motorcycle shop and getting tires there w/ no shipping charge. Should be able to find something in the $25-30 range fairly easily.

To get the old tires off and the new tires on you'll want tire levers. I use the plastic ones meant for bicycles to get the tires off, and can usually get the tires on by hand using good tire change technique.

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