On the road again (BBQ6)

Ron Brown /

Signing off now til after the BBQ.

Peds are checked out, packed up and ready for delivery tonight to the departure point.

Ree and I should be there by about 1:00 PM if all goes well.

See you there.


An afterthought, do you suppose D O N or any other of the FreshAirBrigade are attending?

Re: On the road again (BBQ6)

Too bad for me ...

I just figured out why my lil' Honda had been running funky for the last week.

If I had figured it out a week ago... I would have rounded up some reliablilty items (tubes.. etc.).. and mounted some forward pegs.

And gone with you...

Seeing as how it does an easy 35... I can comfortably cruise at 30 now .. (which was my goal).

aaah well... at least it runs good now.

Re: On the road again (BBQ6)

Reeperette /

Checkin in, and checkin out....Kit is packed and ready, got everythin but a third-world country in there.

el granizo al ciclomotor !

Hagel zum Moped !



Re: On the road again (BBQ6)

El granizo al ciclomotor?

Translation: "The hail to the moped"

Do you mean pelting a motorized bicycle with frozen rain, Ree?

Alabanza al ciclomotor!

Translation: "Hail Moped!"

Jim C.,

Foreign Tongues Dept.

Re: On the road again (BBQ6)

It was good to see you and Ree there Ron - you're the only one who consistently rides his moped to the BBQ from out of town.


Re: On the road again (BBQ6)

ditto ... it was great to see the out-of-towners. ron is a true trooper ... three times across the state on his beautiful (and everyone who saw it can agree) pair of motobecane sevens.

ree ... crazy is always but a great asset to have around. too bad we couldn't get that tomos running ...

the other visitors (some familiar, like mike from near charlotte) and the members from other branches (great to see brandon again and to meet the cinicinati gang).

all in all, the best moped bbq yet. i can't wait for the next one.

viva minarelli! ciao!

You think that's bad, Jim ?

Reeperette /

What little I know of most other languages is only "fightin words" and whatnot, but according to native speakers even that comes across (by hideous pronunciation) in some very, very strange ways.

But nowhere NEAR as bad as trying to translate some motherboard or stereo instructions...try it once, good fer a quick laff or two.


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