Newbie 2005 Tomos ST questions

Went to look at a 2005 ST this morning with 635 miles and an A35 motor. It did not have an oil injection tank under the seat. Didn't they all come with one from the factory? It also had a choke lever pull handle mounted on the driver's side handlebar which I don't believe is stock? The person selling it inherited it so he doesn't know much about it.

Re: Newbie 2005 Tomos ST questions

usually an oil tank under the seat yes, the prev owner probably removed the oil injection saving you some time already (yay!), now you can premix 4life, the po may also have wanted the choke to be on the handlebars, chokes come in a few diff fashions some mounted on the handlebars like yours, others directly on the choke

the rest is up to you:

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