Does age of moped really matter?

I've been looking at two Tomos ST mopeds. The first one is a 2010 with 1,400 miles on it. The second one is a 2007 with 800 miles. The 07 is about $300 cheaper. Is it worth the extra cost to have a newer moped, even though it has higher miles?

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

Francis Cronley /

Age doesn't mean anything because no matter what the year is, they all have one thing in common: they're super duper gay.

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

Condition matters far more than age....I have seen practialy new mopeds from the '70's and newer ones that are flat out wrecked. Figure out what kind you want and then search out the one in the best shape. Best of luck.

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

Princess Rapunzel /

Depends if the newer one came with any extra options or better components or something. As far as wear, mopeds are more of a replace-as-you-go thing. The same things on a modern moped will break as on a vintage moped, albeit maybe a bit slower. If you're looking for a reliable daily, modern Tomos peds are pretty darn reliable from what I've heard and seen with a bunch of people daily driving Tomoses around here, but really, any moped lasts as well as you treat it.

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

Brent Berger /

from what I've researched, nothing has changed from the 2007 to 2010. Same engines,trans,suspensions.

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

wasnt the engine changeover in 08? are both bikes A55? I think the 07 should be an A35.

there's a few differences and some people like this one better or that one better, I'm kinda partial to the reed valve design of the A35 myself

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

all my mopeds are old enough to vote or buy beer....

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

I thought 2006 was the last year of the a35

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

yeah look at the tire wear, odometer, shock conditions, you want the front end aluminum (semihydro). a55 develops crank problem more likely than a35 so there is something to think about.

Re: Does age of moped really matter?

Probably Fred /

Your in ohio you should be paying that much for a used tomos st moped maybe 5-600.00 tops and that's for a mint bike

The ohio flippers here got them listed for more then blue book and blue book is too high on that style of moped in ohio anyway. I only like the old 70s puch mopeds though. plate it as a a3SL ST not on the ohio approved moped list per say. Though newer then 70s puchs I mess with you still have to know/learn how to fix/maintain your moped so use the moped army wiki pages

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