me again

if i put better clutch springs in a stock fz50 would it do wheelies? whats the top speed/horsepower of one?

Suzuki FZ-50 tuning tricks

Who in the heck is going to read a post called "Me again" dude, put some info in your subject in the future.

there's some tuning tips, to start you out. You'll need to run the page through a translator. It looks dutch, perhaps....

do an internet search for Suzuki FZ-50, and also do a search in the forum for FZ50, FZ-50, and Suzuki FZ 50

maybe, with the new subject, you might find a Suzuki expert.

Good luck-- remember to include info in your 'subject'

me again

You've got a valid point Wayne...On the other hand though, you read it! DOH!

Re: me again

good point steve

Re: me again

Geez-- you guys both have the same IP neighbors maybe? Or maybe one and the same?

I see no one else has responded--- at least not with any good info.

Re: me again

Only you Wayne. Maybe we're all three the same person? Hmmmm.....Man, that kinda freaks me out.

Re: Us again

Maybe I AM you guys. I do have an AOL account---

Shouldnt you have said "That freaks US out?"

I'm going to check my medication for side-effects.

Was that dutch page any good? I was going to run it through a translator-- never got around to it.


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