ATF the same as type F?

chuck russo va /

is atf fluid the same thing at type F? i was just wondering because i was at the auto store and i was told to put in type f in my 96 tomos but i was wondering is atf is the same

Type F = Ford ... Dexron = GM

ATF is of course 'automatic transmission fluid' meant for cars and trucks.

ATF is available in 'type F' (meant for Fords)... and Dexron (meant for GM vehicles).

soooo... 'ATF' can be either Type F or Dexron.

It probably makes little difference which one you use in a Ped... but the general scuttlebut was that Type F helped friction clutches grip a little better.

And Type F is the one you will see used most in 2 stroke motorcycles trannies... thats what I use.

Re: ATF the same as type F?

chuck russo va /

can i use high performance sythetic atf fluid in a tomos?

Re: ATF the same as type F?

Probably... but why ?

I don't see you gaining anything.

In fact... synthetic ATF is really slippery... and could possibly be too slippery and allow your clutches to slip.

If you already have some... go ahead and try it... but don't spend money on synthetic hoping it will gain you anything.

Re: ATF the same as type F?

Mike (MA) /

Some post long ago (possibly at mentioned that the wrong kind of ATF could dissolve your clutch. Could be bologna, but from the symptoms I'm seeing on my Sachs, it appears that I may have done just that. I'll crack it open and find out soon.

Re: ATF the same as type F?


synthetic is highly corrosive and will destroy any cluches that were not made to be used with it. Type F is not even used by fords any longer.. type F is the older fluid used for fords.. no they use Mercon.. which is common made in the same fuild as dexron which most gm products use...

ATF 3 is for most chrystlers..

Your question about is ATF the same as type F will probly be answered wrong by many people that do not know alot about transmions.. but Type F is a type of ATF there is no just plain out ATF other then quackerstatres new multigrade ATF which is made and qualifies for use in almost ANY non synthetic running transmiosion.

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