On my TOMOS TARGA LX i have a NGK B6HS.

What is the best plug if i put a Bi-Turbo ?


get a champion plug for your bike, go to an auto parts store and look in the champion spark plug reference book they have under mopeds, and look for either the A5 or A35 (same engine 2 different names) and get the plug it says for it, and gap it correctly. i used a b6hs and other ngk plugs in my older tomos, (1990 TTLX) and they would always run too hot, ive had good luck with champion plugs in everything, not just mopeds. id also recommend you get a larger carb jet, (about 1 or 2 sizes bigger) BT pipes lean the air/fuel mixture out a bit.


New JET !!!!

Larger jet ;!?

In my TOMOS carb, i have a jet #53.

I check in my old moped parts and i find a jet for DELLORTO carb # 56 !!!

#56 it is too big ?????


Sprint Man /

Bosch w5ac


I have never had to go to a different plug to compensate for a performance pipe. There is a possibility that you could be a little lean though. But before you go rejetting, do a plug chop to see if you are really running lean, or else you could make your ped run too rich with the larger main jet.

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