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I have just acquired a 77 honda express (out of a trash heap). I thought it was a good find. It had a broken spark plug, so i replaced that, and the battery. It felt like it wasnt getting a spark. After all of that i realized it didnt have a key for the ignition. I prime witht he kick start and try to turn it on, and the engine rolls over (along with the front light turning on for a split second). My question is, is it the lack of key that is making it not start? Sounds like a simple question, but I dont know a lot about moped, this is my first. Please respond/ help me out. Could you tell me if I can "hotwire" it or something to that effect?

Re: stuff about '77 express

VespaCIAO /

Yes, take out the ingnition, cut the wires off and you should be golden. Email me with questions to ensure a faster reply. Ive got a 77 express also.


Re: stuff about '77 express

I have an 82 Honda Express,

it runs without an ignition, i figured someone took out the ignition in the "on" position.

I also have an express with an ignition, and it cannot be started in the "off" position.

Hope this does some good


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