motobecane has no power

spike thanks for the info but I still have a problem the drive belt is new the gas is fresh and has a quality oil in it. the point gap is correct the carb has been cleaned and as far as I can tell the only adjustment on it is the idle air screw which is set according to the book. I do not weigh more than the weight limit for the moped . compression seems good don't have exact specs. on what it should be but it seems to have plenty it won't turn over with out the decompression lever engaged. the exhaust is also free of obstruction and yet it still has no power. thanks for any help carl

Re: motobecane has no power

remove the exhaust and look into the exhaust port on the cylinder youll need a torch check that the port is unrestricted as i had one of these and the exaust port was full of coke if so whip of the head and barrel and clean it as the drive belt is new is the belt too slack and are the variators on the engine and rear wheel working also you say the exhaust is free try cleaning it all you do is warm it up with a blow torch and when it starts smoking direct the blow torch up the end and then the other be careful after a wehile it should stop smoking let it cool for a couple of hours and tap ti with a hammer do this over a bin all the gunk from inside should now come out

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