Performance exhausts for sachs

Wacko Wally /

I have yet to find a performance exhaust for sachs mopeds. I have heard that a biturbo for a puch maxi will simply bolt right in but I don't want to find out the hard way if this is true or not. Has anyone found an exhaust for their sachs or managed to fit on an exhaust designed for a different brand?

Re: Performance exhausts for sachs

Jake Van Order /

Sachs are tough to find after-market exhaust, unlike puch and tomos. I've searched high and low and the only site I can find is in german: .

Try translating the page through altavista, and you'll see loads of sachs after-market parts that no one else seems to have. Hope this helps.


Re: Performance exhausts for sachs

Wacko Wally /

Thanks, I do know about them.

I would like to know if anyone bought from them and if they were pleased with the product.

If I do order from them, I'm not sure if I should get the "resonance muffler" and a bigger head pipe or the all in one "tuning exhaust" and would like to hear others' experiences before I buy.

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