K&N air filter for Tomos TTLX?

has anyone here found a K&N air filter that will fit a Tomos TTLX (dellorto carb) i think the mounts on the late A3 and A35 are the same, in terms of available space (in the middle under the frame) if anyone knows what size everything there is, or has installed one of these filters on their Tomos, PLEASE let me know, the stock "cheese grater" air filter is terrible and wicked restrictive (im running a 56 jet, four strokes a lil at full throttle).


Re: K&N air filter for Tomos TTLX?

Reeperette /

You can cut it from a larger filter, long as it's round.


Re: K&N air filter for Tomos TTLX?

I have a k&n-type filter. I got it from the mopedwarehouse. It was pretty cheap. Mine was for a Puch, but they might have something.

Re: K&N air filter for Tomos TTLX?

chuck russo va /

i havent tryed this but i think the "oil breather" things that attach to the head on high performance cars may fit on it i havent tryed it yet. i should my dad has liek 10 of them laying around in the shop. i may take mt carb up to the honda shop one day and see if any of the dirtbike ones will fit it

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