State official list of peds

Here is the official list of what is a moped in Ohio. Are there other sites out there for other states? If so, let the Army know. Perhaps these sites can be added to a link page.

Here is the link

Re: State official list of peds

read that god in the uk we take so much for granted my moped puts out about 4.8 horsepower and does about 50mph i guess if i lived in the states id be locked up by now

Re: State official list of peds

Lots of people have modified mopeds, though-- Police don't know the rules, or don't care.

If you obey the posted speed limit, I think you'd be fine. Going 50 in a 25 is bad, no matter what vehicle you're on.

Re: State official list of peds

That make massachusetts seem lenient. Ours is basically. no more than 2 horsepower, register it, be 16 and don't get killed.

Re: State official list of peds

i don't get it. My moped is on the list, and it doesn't meet any of the requirements. :/ Newport L is 2 hp, and tops out at 35 on level ground.

So much for granted ?

Say what ?

Like gasoline that costs 4 times what we pay ?

Where you live you don't have half the rights and priveleges an American citizen has.

And your cost of liveing and standard of living are far worse than here.

Don't overstate the value of 'moped rules' (in Ohio.. thats ONE state)... versus all the other factors that make up a life.

Re: So much for granted ?

david f martin /

I've been working on a dune buggy on the side, for a county cop, and he told me that the cops don't mess with mopeds, unless it is driving really crazy. I asked him about hopping up my scoot (law in SC sez it should not go faster than 30 mph) and he said he wouldn't bother with it unless it passed him on the highway. Cops don't really know what to do with mopeds...


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