Transmission fluid for Sachs 505

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Which type of tranny fluid are Sachs riders using in their 505s? I know I've gotten both answers in the past (Type F and Dextron), and I know I've got a 1/2 empty bottle of both in the garage. I'm not sure what I used in the Sachs, but I suspect I dissolved 2 brand new clutch plates w/ the wrong type of fluid. Beware...


Mike in MA

PS: Mike Bartell - You still out there? I know you've got lots of miles on your 504, so what are you using?

Re: Transmission fluid for Sachs 505

i use gm atf..............(auto trans fluid)...thats what bj told me to use at handy bikes...........and it seems all good.........................

Re: Transmission fluid for Sachs 505 type F always

Sorry- went to Santa Fe for the weekend, and my office is moving, and the cat ate my homework...


mercron/dextron shouldn't hurt it for a little while. type F has no abrasives in it. mercron/dextron does have a little in it to keep the belts and chains in the tranny working well.

That's what I've always been told, anyway.

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