PUCH Wiring Diagram

Bob Klein /

I am having a problem with the electrical system on my 1977 1HP PUCH Maxi. When the engine is running the horn is on. If I wiggle the wires at the metal/plastic horn switch it becomes intermittent. I removed, cleaned, and reassembled the switch - no change. I disconnected the Brown wire from the horn - no change. Before I go any further I would love to get a wiring schematic for this MOPED. Can anyone out there e-mail me one? Fax? Snail Mail?

Thanks in advance for the help.


RE: PUCH Wiring Diagram

hey Bob,

hey i think i found what you are looking for. i found a wiring diagram for your puch.

i found it when i was looking for a wiring diagram for one of my mopeds.


That is the web site/address it is on

Good luck!!!


Re: PUCH Wiring Diagram

Geoff Berl /

I would like to get the puch maxi wiring diagram I took apart my engine to clean it and the labels I put on the wires fell off of some of them.

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