The perfect moped world

It will be the beast of all planets. The streets will

be filled with Mopeds and offroads will be filled

with scooters and that one chick from the movie

what would yours be.

- R O B

Huh ?

Reeperette /

Whatever yer smokin, share.

R.O.B. = Runnin up Our Bandwidth, perhaps ?

I smell a troll.


Re: Huh ?

I smell it too.

Hey Rob - please don't post uselessly - it wastes every-bodies time. This is still a "General Moped Forum", not just a "General Forum". And no, I don't think your post had much to do with mopeds.

Also, please don't tell me it's your "sister" getting on your computer again.


Re: Huh ?

I'm thinkin' it's more like him gettin' on his mom's computer.

Re: The perfect moped world

......hoe's that give it up..................................

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