Tomos slips...

The other day I was involved in my second small Moped accident, the first one caused by unavoidable streetcar tracks, and am curious to see if anyone else has felt these limitations.

Going around a corner, the TTLX w/ Biturbo just decided to give way and leave from under me. This was either caused by loss of grip to the road or the kickstand scraping on the ground and lifting up the rear wheel. Has anyone else ever had this kind of problem? I'm just curious to find out whether it was the small size of the tires or kickstand that were primary causes of this. I may try to change the kickstand in the near future too.

Ride safe,


Re: Tomos slips...

Jamie Leonard /

Was the road dry or wet? Stock tires? I've gone down twice as well - streetcar tracks and being cut off being one reasons, another time it was a bad driver, wet road, and a VERY badly timed gust of wind. But I've almost gone down once or twice when my tires lost grip... the stock tomos tires (The "slick" so called performance tires" don't seem to grip all that well in anything less than ideal pavement conditions. (could just be my perception of things however)

Re: Tomos slips...

Reeperette /

Cause of problem.

A - Stock tires....unless you're riding on glacially smooth asphalt all the time, rip them puppies off and THROW THEM AWAY, allright ?

They're crap, they'll always BE crap - buy some Cheng Shins.

B - Kickstand draggin, which happens in a lotta Tomos's yeah, jut go shell out for the sidestand, if you ride a lot, and do lay-over turns, it's well worth it.

C - Underinflation, check yer pressure.

D - Rear wheel bearings/axle loose, rare, but it happens, check that and all your suspension connects as well.

E - Poor road conditions, that one being obvious, especially in "the strip"...that bein the area in the center of a lane where all the gas, grease, and oil seems to land...worse at intersections but watch it nonetheless.

F - Balls bigger than Brain, and don't think I am baggin ya on that one, cause you'd have to travel pretty far to find someone worse than me...

Anyhow, mopeds do have their limitations, and when you like to push the envelope...well, prepare to pay the postage, yannow ?

Hope alla that helps some,


Re: Tomos slips...

These are probably the best and quickest reponses I have ever received on any newsgroup. I appreciate that!

The roads were dry but I am using stock tires with the center kickstand. The weird thing is that I didn't really feel/hear the kickstand scrape along the ground before bailing as is normally the case when leaning too much. I have a feeling it was not only the kickstand problem but also the tire situation that you've mentioned. I'll be looking into different tires and kickstands quite soon.

Reeperette: thanks for the checklist and I will go over all these things before I head out again today.

Perhaps I was just having too much fun and treating it like a motorcycle. I think it's time for me to splurge and go get one soon ;) Although I do love riding the 'ped around and will always keep it. It's such a usefull machine and I have gotten so many great responses (among the bad) for having one.

- mok

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