Air horn set up

Yo, Wayne, here's my set up for the air horns. I decided to put it in a new thread, because the other one seems a bit huge.


Re: Air horn set up

I mounted mine to a small peice of metal strapping, the stuff with holes every inch on center, and attached it using the headlight mounting bolt. I painted them, because I thought the bright red was too cartooney.

Re: Air horn set up

The compressor is mounted under the side panel, behind the coil. I had to move the coil a little forward to make it all fit.


Re: Air horn set up

The driver's view. The Battery is a 12v 4.5Ah gel cell inside a cloth lunch bag. It's held in place with a bungie cord. The horn button is the HUGE extra one on the left bar.


Sweet Air horn set up

That's great--- it looks like it belongs on the bike--- pointing your horns down will make them last a lot longer-- cheap anyway, but.... why waste money--- I hear water and road grit can kill an airhorn in no time.

Yep-- you did a great job of it. Too loud for words to explain---

Mega loud?

Crazy loud?

How about super-mege deluxe-ultra loud....?

That may come close---

The only mod I might suggest is a "pivot" so you could actually "aim" your horns any direction you wanted, then return to the "down" position

Thanks for the pics--- nice moped. Have you scared the life out of anyone yet?

Re: Sweet Air horn set up

As for loudness, it's louder than other horns on cars, so it's around "crazy loud" but not quite "super-mege deluxe-ultra loud" I think you'd have to have one of the triple horn set ups for that.

I was behind a guy in a big, red suburban, and I thought I knew who it was.... turns out I didn't and just scared the crap out of some random guy. He was looking all over for who hit the horn.

I should be careful, I may be mistaken for a tornado siren by the dumber ones around.

I showed my co-workers, and they thought it was obnoxious and unnecacary.... I think that's just about right.

I'll think about a pivot- It shouldn't be too hard, just another nut on the bolt to keep the headlight tight. That'd be pretty cool, because the insides of the horn are still red.

I gotta say, it's fun.

Re: Sweet Air horn set up

I cannot resist punching the horn every time I go under a bridge or overpass....

the echo.... sounds cool.

Re: Sweet Air horn set up

Reeperette /

>>Yep-- you did a great job of it. Too loud for words to explain---

Mega loud?

Crazy loud?

How about super-mege deluxe-ultra loud....?

That may come close---<<



I had a pair of horns that loud on the rusted out caddy limo I once had been at one time used as a parade float, and came with a fold out backseat kinda-thingie in the trunk, and a pair of airhorns that'd rattle your teeth inside the car.

We never found the original front bumper, so we put the only one we could find in a hurry, off a tow truck, on it.

(we think they pulled the originals off so set the float on it, but who knows where they went after that..)

Needless to say, it was damn intimidating to run up behind someone and give em a dose of the horns...especially if they were driving something puny like a CRX....

Word of advice, once you install those ?

Buy some stock in an underwear company.


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