Tomos Rear Sprocket Question

For owners of the newer Tomos A35-powered peds, can you tell me how many teeth the rear sprocket on the 16inch mag wheel has and what year moped you have?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Tomos Rear Sprocket Question

Ree will know this-- FYI, it sucks that there isn't a rear power or speed sprocket for Tomos. In case you were thinking of "modding" the rear wheel.

Doh! It would be nice to put a power sprocket on the rear.

I can count my teeth on my 1982 tomos bullet, it's all apart, so it shouldn't be too tough.

Re: Tomos Rear Sprocket Question

Well, if I am reading the "expoloded" diagram correctly, I count 23 teeth.

However, has a 22 tooth rear sprocket:

DYA222586 TOMOS A35 Rear Sprocket 22 tooth for new style Mag & Spoke - $21.95

I am picking up a new Tomos Targa XL on Tuesday evening. I plan on adding the soon to be available. 70cc Athena Speed kit from Mopedwarehouse, (which should include the cylinder, head piston, carb, choke cable), and upgrade it with the Techno exhaust. I also want to do the 27T front sprocket, and then get this 22T rear sprocket from mopedsonline.

I'd hope to break into the 50's with it when all is said and done.

Re: Tomos Rear Sprocket Question

Me i change the front sproket (27t). I gain 5 mph !

I have a TOMOS TARGA LX 1999 (I buy new in april2002)

Re: Tomos Rear Sprocket Question

Thanks Wayne, if you could, I would appreciate it.

I wonder if dropping from 23 to 22 teeth will give a big Top End difference, the way going from 26 to 27 on the front seems to get everyone 5 mph.

Re: Tomos Rear Sprocket Question

I'm going to be doing almost all the upgrades you described--

but, against the advice of the experts, I want to gear it LOWER instead of higher---- wheelies, smoke shows and rapid acceleration.

I might only hit 40-42 mph, but I'll be going like a bat out of hell when I accelerate.

I'd like to have a moped that pulled the front end up, without even trying--- Every time you gun it....get a little lift in the front end.

I know it's not too smart--- I'll overwork the engine, hit max rpms too soon, I'll have to be careful not to hold it at max throttle.... probably have to redo the rings after a season....

But think of the low end power--- hill climbing dream--- not to mention taking off like a rocket.

I'll see if I can get to the rear sprocket tonight--- I'll be posting some pics as it it.

Re: Tomos Rear Sprocket Question

Cool, many thanks.

The Tomos you had previously-Did you have any durability problems with it? How did it hold up?

I have heard mixed reports on Tomoses (or is it Tomi? Or Tomos'? How does one correctly say "many Tomos mopeds"??)

Did you have any quality control issues with yours?

I always take that "Brand X is a piece of crap" information with a grain of salt. Especially with Mopeds, knowing how 14 and 15 year old kids maintain and treat their stuff.


Reeperette /

I think the reason for the inconsistency in reliability is cause of the two types of engine.

So far, personal experience and empirical evidence from the forum shows quite clearly that the A3 engine/trans is very reliable, and the A5 (A35) engine/trans is not.

Part of that may be due to the very poor IDM brand CDI Units many early Targas were equipped with, so if you do go with an A5 (A35) system, make damn sure you're using Bosch or Iskra CDI unit, or you'll prolly be sorry in short order, cause it's about $200-$250 to replace one of those damn IDM's due to parts incompatibility.

Was it me, I'd hedge my bets, and go with an A3, but possibly consider putting the A5 head on it (and yes, it will fit) for greater heat dissipation.

Both are 38mm bore x 43mm stroke, and the ports all match up original consideration on this thought was that the A3 cylinder running full-out for a long time on a hot summer day would begin to overheat, which is a receipe for disaster, over a period of time.

Good luck,


Re: Quality.

an a5 head on an a3? now u got my attention! will it really just bolt right on and fit properly? if so, im gettin one! their only like $25 used from the moped junkyard, and my A3 has overheated on hot days b4, but that was also cuz i was running a little lean, got a bigger carb jet, so i'll let you know if it does do it again (yes i will run it wide open for miles on a hot day) also, on the subject of this post, im pretty sure all the new Tomos' have 22 tooth rear sprockets, A3SP's have them too, all other A3 models were 24 tooth, only really modifiable gear ratio change is the front sprocket, 25=more low end 26=stock 27=more top speed. ive kept my sprocket stock, because we have large hills here in Mass, but also "hairy" 50mph main roads, so i wanted a good balance of both top and low, i may still go with the 27tooth tho.


Re: Quality.

Reeperette /

>>an a5 head on an a3? now u got my attention! will it really just bolt right on and fit properly?<<



Re: Quality.

John Linsay /

Hey guys I am new to the computer but not to mopeds so here is my input. BTW I have 2 Tomos targa Lx's and a Puch maxi.

first for the magneeto one of mine had that idm magneeto and it needed to be replaced. I got a new Iskra magneeto and the cdi module from for like $150.00. Now it has the same set up as on my other tomos and works great. Also you should be able to get a a-35 head anywhere for about $10.00 used. They are only $25.00 new and they should be in plentiful supply since so many people take them off for the 70 cc kit.

Both of my tomos had 22 tooth rear sprockets and I Got replacements from mopedwarehouse for $16.00

They also had the front sprocket. I have a 27 tooth on one bike and the 25 tooth on the other.

Last thing, I have one of the athena 70 cc kits on the bike with the 27 tooth sprocket . the orignal piston shattered and destroyed the cylinder of the old 70 cc kit. I was able to use all of the old kit parts however , intake, carb exhaust. I did have to get the athena head which you will be happy you did since I have not blown one head gasket since doing so in contrast to my weakly head gasket replacement before. This new kit is much better in power and does not rattle as much as the old kit.


Re: Quality.

chuck russo va /

u syhould go faster than 50 mph with a 70cc kit, i still have a stock bore but i ahve a bi turbo pipe, speed sproket, ported exhuast, bigger jet and drilled out air box and i can hit 48-50 mph on flat ground consitantly i was talking to a kid at the ped shop and he has a 70cc kit and he has hit 72 on it befor so if your gonna install the kit prepare to go fast

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