stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

found this interesting, fuck the flamers

here's the stator diagram

the question is, how is the taillight #8, powered by coil #5, switched, and why?

no, it's not "hardwired" it IS switched

here is the stator and coil in question

spoiler answer, long and simple version, in next post.

Re: stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

Glenn Kuehn /

us patent 3029378

long answer how:

When driving in day time, the contact arm of the change-over switch 6 is set to the zero-position, which is designated by 9. The circuit will thus be entirely unloaded, and no current flows through the coil 3. The magnetic resistance of the core 2 will then be practically zero. This ensures that practically no magnetic flux passes through the core 4, when the coil 3 is unloaded. Practically the whole magnetic flux from the pole shoes follows the path of least resistance and passes through the core 2, which thus shunts the core 4. Thus, when the changeover switch 6 is set to oil, that is to say, when the searchlight is put out, practically no current will'be induced in the coil 5. If the coil 3 is now loaded by the search-light 7 being switched on through the change-over switch 6, the flux distribution will at once be altered because the core 2 then has a greater magnetic resistance, so that a more substantial portion of the flux will pass through the core '4. Thereby current will immediately be induced in the coil 5 and the light 8 receives current and lights up. Both the search-light and the warning light will thus be lit and put out by the same change-over switch, in spite of the fact that the circuit for the rear light is not electrically connected in the circuit of the search-light, in which the change-over switch is connected.

long why?

As a consequence, the previous drawbacks relative to the risk of a break down of the warning light, in case the searchlight should'be put out, are entirely eliminated through the invention.

short answer

identical to the tail and speedo light on the pug 102, except internal to the stator.

short why?

to prevent the brake bulb blowing when the headlight blows.

Re: stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

Brannigan Draic /

Just trying to follow this Glenn... but I can't. Wow.

Re: stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

Man,it's too early in the AM.I just can't follow.LOL! don-ohio (:^)

Re: stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

Brent Bublitz /

Feels much too mousetrappy. Standard headlight/brake light/tail light wiring is goofy enough the way it is.

Re: stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

Glenn Kuehn /

can anyone confirm or deny if the 102 tail and speedo are switched by the headlight?

this applies to my 78 103 i'm converting to 5 coil radial stator.

i want to use the transformer as a protection device.

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Glenn Kuehn /

adding to the collective:

found this exerpt from Myrons Mopeds: wiring diagrams below columbia

Invisible Forces: Notice that on the Colombia (and others) the tail light gray wire goes straight from the generator/magneto to the light, and not through the light switch. You would think the tail light would then stay on all the time. The small tail light generating coil is close to the larger head light generating coil. Somehow the magnetic field changes around the head light coil when the light is switched on, and that energizes the nearby tail light coil. So the tail light only works when the head light is working. This prevents tail light burn out caused by overload from a burned out headlight. On other 70’s mopeds, when their head light burns out, the tail light gets super bright, and dies.

which led me to parallel induction, which is different then the "Y" windings of a HT coil, as current isn't flowing directly thru the parallel leg.

a different Voltage pattern then i expected.

the bulb does not have time to cool down between spikes, so remains lit.

or it's not a simple parallel, instead using the magnets for current, somehow being dampened by the headlight coil?

and i get a F for presentation for this gross error, which no one caught:

Glenn Kuehn Wrote:


> short why?

> to prevent the brake bulb blowing when the

> headlight blows.

should read taillight bulb, not brake.

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Probably Fred /

Puch six wire stator kinda that (coils work in union/excite each other) for self regulation and good bulb life even when I run 50% more then stock rpm most times the bulbs don't burn out

Re: stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

Flux distribution? How about the flux capacitor!

Srsly though, interesting system. The Puch four-coil system has certainly grown on Me.

Re: stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

Glenn Kuehn /

i had researched choke or reactance coils, because of the doohickys under the rear of the seat on pugs, i think that's the function you're describing.

but somehow i don't think puch made provisions for higher rpms.

thinking back, my puch all have 5 wire.

Re: stator switched taillight tech, tl:don't R

Kiel the Canuck /

Neat. This is much the way analog current meters work - the Pug wiring diagram shows it easiest, but the flowing current through one winding induces voltage in the secondary that is proportional to the current flowing through the first one.

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