what kind of puch is this?

i have been trying to find out what kind of puch this is. it has 1.5 hp on it. is it a 1 speed or a two speed?i have bought 2 manuals for repair purposes. it has been repainted, the original color was blue. the stickers are ones that i made and put on myself. the motor seems to be a real piece of sh*t i took it off and omg the mess the previous owner made of the wires. did they wire it for just spark or what? can i repair the wires back to original?the underneath of the motor looks to be jb welded at the trans oil drain. the carb i think is shot(lol fuel ran out the huge hole as i took it off ,please see pic) i have no idea what kind of wires were originally on this mystery to me year moped. so if anyone can help a moped virgin, lol please do. ohh the side of it says it was factured 1/77



Re: Nice pic!

I can't help-- but that's a cool pic--- lots of information to work from. One of the Puch experts shouldn't have any trouble getting you on track.

That's not a hole in the carb, but a hole in the air filter--- looks like it was plugged and someone bashed it open to let air through.

With any luck, your carb isn't filled with road dust and grit.

Red Fluid? That's transmission fluid--- something on your tranny isn't sealed properly-- loose bolt, bad gasket etc.

Good luck--- I want a Puch someday, so I'll be watching this thread---



Re: what kind of puch is this?

Ron Brown /


I am not real familiar with Puch but you are going to have to clean off the motor real well and figure out where the trans fluid is coming from. The you can get sugestions on how to fix it.

As for the carb, it is probably fine. Any carb will flood if the gas is left turned on, or it has dirt in it.

Read Fred's guide under Resources, Articles and you should get far enough to ask more specific questions.


Re: what kind of puch is this?

Not an expert on Puch's by any means, but that looks to me like the 1 speed model.

The tranny fluid leaking out could be the result of a bad gasket. I would replace that gasket first, and tighten everything up really well to see if that fixes it. Work from the easiest solution to the hardest.

Also, Puch engines like that routinely show up on E-bay for $50 or less. If the worst comes to pass, a replacement is fairly easy to find.

Re: what kind of puch is this?

puch maxi

it is a maxi

I'll post an attachment of a late 70s puch catalog when I get home, if no one else does first. It has the pictures of ones like that.

picture of new puch maxi

up there


also, 2-speed

Since the Maxi Sport II is the only Puch like that with the steel coil shocks, it must be one. There's a 1978 green one on my profile picture.

But here's the text. 2-speed



Yeah I know I'm posting a lot in this thread.

Anyway, I was calling it a Maxi Sport II, because in several years of the late 70s, they were the only Puchs with the steel coil rear shocks. But I just saw the picture of XBrandonX from the Janus branch of Moped Army, with a Yellow Newport, looking much like yours. And it had the steel coil rear shocks.

But the Newports did NOT come stock with those shocks, someone at some point would have to have taken them off a Maxi Sport II.

Yours is probably still a MS II because the front fender is chrome, unlike the painted Newports.

i'm tired

Re: what kind of puch is this?

thank you so much for looking and taking the time to help me. a special thanks to brian p and his cool pics. i am still questioning what type it is. this moped is apparently a mix and match. lol. all i want is to fix the thing and get to riding it. i have some more questions if someone will please try and help me.

how common or rare is it to have a 1.5 horsepower motor? since the motor is a 1.5 does that mean it is a 1 speed or 2 speed or does that not much matter? on this moped that i have is it possible to put a 2 horsepower in it? and how hard is it to rewire the whole thing? is it complex? my motor wires are shot do they connect up somewhere in the motor that i can repair? what guage of wire do i use? before i dissassembeled it, i pedaled it a few times and it sounded like something was trying to catch and start, but no poppng sounds like it was going to turn over. the carb i just took off, does the air filter thing come off? it was a deltoro, my manuals say that the puchs run a bing so i bought one and it doesn't have the air filter thing, will i have to buy one and put it on the new. anywayz, if someone can answer any of these questions, paaaah lese help me. i am about to just give up and piece it out on ebay.


Re: what kind of puch is this?

I have a 2-speed, 1.5 horsepower Puch, just like the one in that picture. It's probably a Maxi Sport II, but could be a Newport.

So yeah, it's a 2-speed, and 1.5 horsepower is plenty of power for that moped.

You can rewire it, which I have no idea how to do. There are diagrams and manuals on that. Or you can sell it as a parts bike on Ebay.

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