Clutch Springs (Ron Fred)

Matt Wilson /

On my 99 Zuma (I know its not a moped casey) I've done a bunch of mods. I put on a higher compression engine, larger carb, better airbox, carbon fiber exhaust...ect

I found that my belt was slipping a lot until I got going about 25mph. Then the bike took off.

Recently I bought a stiffer clutch sping, and put it on. It made a big difference. The bike now does wheelies!

Would an even stronger spring give me better low end?

Can you put in too strong a clutch spring? Would it harm the bike or have other bad effects? Malossi makes 2 stiffer springs...would the stiffest have any bad effects?

Also there is a dead spot between 12mph and 24mph. It sounds like the engine slows down in this zone. Does this sound like I should lean out my needle setting?

I know this is a scooter question, but no one in the scooter forums could answer it.

Also FYI the Zuma has a pulley transmission system with a front pulley (variator) and a rear pulley (clutch).



Re: Clutch Springs (Ron Fred)

david f martin /

What scooter forums do you look at?


Re: Clutch Springs (Ron Fred)

Ron Brown /


I have no idea why a new clutch spring would stop your belt from slipping, but if it works, why change it.

As for mid-range dead spot, you have the carb, raise the needle, test it, lower the needle, test again.


Re: Clutch Springs (Ron Fred)

Matt Wilson /


Yahoo groups has a lot of info about scooters.

twist and

Re: Clutch Springs (Ron Fred)

Matt Wilson /

<)IMG src=


This is what the transmission looks like. Does anyone know if there are bad effects of adding too stiff a clutch spring? (in the back under the rusty clutch bell)

Re: Clutch Springs (Ron Fred)

Matt Wilson /


What am i doing wrong??


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