motobecane car

i was at a junkyard with abunch of motobecanes i found plenty to piece to gether but one prob no carb xcep for a couplw with the top have gone can i substitute adifferent carb?

RE: motobecane car

Eh ... you mean you wasted the carburettor? As long as nothing's broken off, dented or scratched on the carb it should be perfectly salvagable, if not just buy another carburettor of the same type. I don't think a new (brandnew new) carb for a motobecane will cost more than $60 and a used carb will be much less.

RE: motobecane car

Simon King /

i got really excited when i saw this post because i thought that motobecane had made a car -- oh well. about the carb - you can get ones from <a href="">handybikes</a>; for about $80 - and I've seen them work with Puch carbs too.

RE: Solex car

Check out these photos and you will find a Solex car. It's called the Veloto.

Don't know where it's made, but I've seen other pictures of them.

The link at the top of the page shows some real intense Solex Racing action.


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