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i have my motobecane moped but i have never really ridden any other moped b4. what mopeds are really great as far as looks, reliability, and upgradeability?

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I like my TOMOS TARGA LX.It's easy to have spare parts ! But i hate the quality of the plastics...

In 4 years i rebuilt 14 differents mopeds....


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My names mike. I've got a 1984 Tomos Silver bullet. I've had it for close to 3 years now just sitting in my garage. When I drove it last (3 years ago) the chain popped off and i wrecked. I'm now trying to fix it up and sell it because I'm leaving for the marine's in 19 day's. The moped place said that the magneto was broke. I live in Ohio and I've been looking everywhere for a new magneto. Would you know where to get some parts from? Thank you for your help.

Re: best moped, they're a store in Columbus


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I am in Ohio also. I have a moped shop in Georgetown, 30 miles east of Cincinnati. I have parts.


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Of the MOPEDS currently being produced, Tomos is by far the best!!

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no question about Tomos being best, but of the older ones I like the Vespa Piaggio Grande the best. Torque at all speeds, 35 mph in a stretch, reliable and comfortable. My son drove it all winter in Toronto. Has anyone tried the new Puch; they're co ming to Canada soon.

Re: best moped (David's Right)

I've never owned one, but every thing I've seen about the Vespa Grande Moped is top notch. It seats two, is a beautiful machine, and everyone here raves about them.

Is it Miguel ownes one?--- if so, he likes it.

I saw an ad, and immediately started looking into it. I can't remember if they were not made, or not imported any longer. You can't get one in the states, except older ones.

I was so let down. I even razzed they guy who posted the ad for 'teasing' me-- although after, I could see it was 'retro' and not at all a modern advert.

If I ever found one in good condition I'd snag it, in hopes Zippy could help me fix anything minor.

Tomos is the best "new" moped

The Vespa Grande is supposed to be the best moped "ever".

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Yeah Wayne, Grandes rock! I have one, and I love it. I am pretty sure that Vespa still makes mopeds, but they just aren't imported into the states anymore.

Re: Grande extinct

Vespa does make mopeds, the Ciao being the the most popular still.

Unfortunately they quit making the Grande by the 80's. They are still around, and I would say to get one if the right deal comes along.

Despite appearing to be heavier than they are, they are pretty quick given the variator transmission.

I won't part with mine. Unless I found a real cherry low mileage one. Then I probably wouldn't ride it.

I think I'll keep mine...


Re: Grande extinct

yes, i do like my grande. it's a pretty good bike ... when running. it's not as easy to work on as some other bikes, though.

for ease of repair, finding parts for them, and simplicity of design, you can't beat a minarelli-based moped (there are probably 100 brands of manufacturers that used that engine). close seconds are similar single-chain italian designs such as morini, verona, garelli.

but the best moped around ... is the one that you fall in love w/.

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