Moped Legality in PA

Hey everyone,

I was looking into buying a Targa Lx, and was trying to figure out if it would be street legal in my state or not. Tomos claims on their site that their mopeds are legal in all states, but when I looked at the requirements for PA the targa lx could go 30 mph, while in PA they aren't allowed to go more than 25mph. If anyone could help clear this up that would be great. Thanks a lot,


Re: Moped Legality in PA

chuck russo va /

cops never ever check up on that stuff, in va they are only allowed to go 30 but my targa lx goes high 40's and i never get pulled over and i speed all the time

Re: Moped Legality in PA

I live in PA. No helmet required, no inspection, just pedals, insurance and tags. If they ask just tell is goes 25

Re: Moped Legality in PA

Kevin Harrell /

See if your state has an approved list of what machines can be registered as mopeds. If your state has such an approved list and your bike is on it you are good to go. If not contact the manufacturer for there official state on the bike. Maby that would help.

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