Need Sachs help in Ontario

I just bought a 1978 Sachs Balboa, my first moped, and I have some pretty basic questions:

Where is the best place to get parts in Canada?

The chain is bent and needs replacing - is it moped-specific, or a bicycle/motorcyle chain?



Kingston, ON

Re: Need Sachs help in Ontario

Toronto Moped Centre has some parts but they are way high on prices. You should try out handybikes, they were a big(if not THE) sachs distributor for most of the US, and they have the best prices.

What do you mean, your chain is bent?

Re: Need Sachs help in Ontario

hey i'd say take it off and take it to a motorcycle shop and see if they have any thing for yea


Re: Need Sachs help in Ontario

A couple of the links are bent so it doesn't move smoothly. I have yet to check whether anything else is bent but I figure I can hammer out everything but the chain. I believe the bike was crashed or fell over as the handle bars and levers are also broken on the same side.



Re: Need Sachs help in Ontario

Ron Brown /


If you have one chain, it is most likely the same size as a 3/16" bicycle moto cross chain.

Tahe it to a good bicycle shop and they will have one or can order one for you.

If yjey don't normally sell BNX bikes, ask them to look up 3/16" chain in a supplier catalog.

Be nice to them, you can use lots of bicycle parts on mopeds.


Re: Need Sachs help in Ontario

Not true for Sachs. If you have a 2 chain set up one of them is a bicycle chain. If you can find the master link, you could take the chain off, and bring it to a motorcycle shop for matching. Some lawn mower and small engine repair shops may also have what you need.

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