Check my motor !!!!

Somebody see a motor like this before ?

This is my FLANDRIA MOTOR 1974, only 538 miles, i rebuilt all my moped and i remove all the rust inside the gas tank.

To adjust my idle speed, i need to play with the gas cable.!?

The screw you see on the side of the carb, is the JET...!?

The carb is a ENCARWI !

Sombody said to me this motor is the same of a italian moped ????


Re: Check my motor !!!!

Ron Brown /


If the screw has a spring to keep it from turning, it is the idle adjustment. The tip of the screw is tapered and holds the slide.


Re: Check my motor !!!!

No spring,

It's only the jet #55.

NO i know i need adjust by the cable

Re: Check my motor !!!!

InfectedBootSector /

It looks Italian, especially when compared to a Benelli.

Re: Check my motor !!!!

My Flandria come from BELGIUM, they stop the production in 1980.

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