Tomos Biturbo and Oil ?

When you put a BiTurbo on a TOMOS TARGA LX 1999 A35 motor, do you add oil in the gas ???

Or the injection system of oil give enough ???


Re: Tomos Biturbo and Oil ?

I would add some oil to the gas, yes--- or, drain the oil injector and run right from a premix that you know is correct, from a few plug chops.

Generally, a Bi-turbo will lean out your mix. you can compensate for that in a number of ways--

Personally, I ran my Bi-turbo for at least 6 months, right from the injector (2000 targa) My plugs were usually a nice grey--- never oily. I had great performance and never messed with adding oil.

I did not have ANY mechanical trouble with the bike, but I was warned that I ought to add some oil to the gas, just because "The biturbo leans out the mix"

I would guess it pays off in the long run-- a bike that runs 10 years instead of 5 before needing new rings or whatnot-- extra lube is always good for an engine- but, add too much your plug will foul.

Re: Tomos Biturbo and Oil ?

Reeperette /

Generally the injection system is sufficient on the gas/oil mix, rather than adding oil, what most folks do is install a slightly larger carb jet so that the cylinder gets a bit more gas AND oil, which, if the 'ped can burn it all, helps performance just a wee bit.

Check out Fred's guide in RESOURCES, and read the section on doing a plug chop, and follow this after installing the BiTurbo pipe....that'll help you figure out if you need to increase jet size.

Happy mopedding, and I think you'll be quite pleased with the performance of the BT pipe, most Tomos folks are.


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